Friday, February 19, 2010

Diana's Sketches from the Edgecliff

We had some fun and talented new sketchers join our group this week at the Edgecliff. So far, I haven't met a sketcher I didn't like. These are Diana Carter's sketches from the Edgecliff with her own comments. Very nice work, Diana! And welcome to our group. You can see more of Diana's work on her blog.

The first is of Lisbeth who was talking and moving so much that she should have come out as a blur! Due to my skillful handling, she looks beautiful! LOL

The sketch of the table and window is at the Edgecliff Restaurant in Langley. The sun was setting and the scene was changing minute by minute. But it was a beautiful day with great companions.

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  1. Wonderful, Pat! You managed so beautifully with such an uncooperative subject! I love your wine glass too - such lovely reflections in the glass! Glad you've joined us.