Thursday, February 4, 2010

Freeland Cat Cottage

Some of the sketchers spent some time at WAIF's Freeland Cat Adoption Center yesterday afternoon. We oohed and aahed and fawned over all the kitties, made some videos for the WAIF facebook page and even did some sketching.

Here's Chloe, a gorgeous long-haired Calico curled up on her plush animal-print bed. She looks smashing in it. She's clearly a top-drawer sort of cat.

Melissa is a sweet, shy Calico having an afternoon nap by the window. She's been at the shelter for a long time. Calicos are generally in high demand, but Melissa never gets chosen by adopters because she shies away from people. She was found living under a porch with another cat and clearly didn't have a chance to bond with people in her formative years. But she can be handled and petted and is not agressive, just scared. Surely there's a home out there that's just right for Melissa. 

And below her is big Michelle, who decided to leave almost as soon as I started my sketch, so I didn't get much. She's a character - not shy at all - and not as fat as I made her look. If she were human, she would not be pleased about the extra pounds I put on her!


  1. If my cat, Pinot, would let me, I'd go fetch every one of these beauties and bring them home. What sweethearts. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sketches.

  2. Lovely sketches! I see Chloe has eyes now. That's a wonderful sketch of her. Michelle! Brings back memories of these sweeties. I wish I had a big house.

  3. Thanks, you two. I wish I could do better sketches for these guys. Yes, Chloe has eyes, but they look fake cause they were added later.

  4. Chloe is so purdy she looks fake. Plus it gives her charm.