Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Afternoon in Langley

Florian Grainer's documentary, "Under the Salish Sea" must be really be something.  It was sold out (again) an hour before showtime.  So I got out my watercolors and sketched some people standing in front of the Clyde after the lines dispersed. Got my butt wet sitting on the bench across the street for this drawing.

Then we headed over to Mike's to drown our sorrows in hot fudge sundaes. Couple of teenages intensely engaged in something at the counter. Dan got tired of waiting and left me there to draw for an hour.

This little kid was playing chess with his dad. He had to stand up and walk around the table to reach his pieces when it was his move. Adorable. I couldn't bring myself to ruin the sketch by trying to draw his face. Less is more, eh?


  1. These are great! Love the light wash. A definite side benefit of getting turned away at the door of the theatre.

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  3. Nice sketches, Sue. The top has nice washes. In regards to the faceless boy... Maybe just lightly suggest a framework in pencil before committing with pen.