Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waif's Cat Cottage

Here are my Cat Cottage sketches. Michelle is the first. What a sweetheart and darling. A character! This is not a good sketch of her, but wanted to include her since she's a doll and needs a home.

This is Melissa. She's beautiful! She would do best in a quiet home with a loving person to bring her out.

A watercolor of Coho.

A brush Drawing of Coho. A lovely, sweet quiet kitty.

Two beautiful black cats. Both sweet hearts. Honey pies, all!


  1. Love these sketches of the cats! So fresh and vivid! Inspires me to do some of my friend´s one..but I sneeze connstanly when there is a cat around me... So, love yours, don´t make me sneeze!

    Miguel Gimenez, Spain

  2. Thanks Miguel, for you kind comments! I'm delighted you are inspired to draw cats. Hope they don't make you sneeze too much! They are wonderful to draw. And we are so happy you are following us from Spain! We would love to see your work sometime.