Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Hour at La Casita

Edgar, the manager of La Casita, is one gracious and charming host. I caught him working at the bar - three times. Looks like he's enjoying a drink with himselves! :-)

Bottles hanging from the ceiling above a poster of bottles in the corner of the bar. You would think bottles would hold still, but you'd be wrong. They move. You start out drawing one side of the bottle and a few minutes later it's showing you its other side.

I eat at La Casita all the time and often do quick sketches while waiting for the food or the check. This was the first time I pulled out the watercolors.


  1. Love these Sue. Wonderful color and movement. The hanging bottles are a favorite. Sounds like a wonderful spot to sketch & you captured the energy beautifully.

  2. These are great! I'm particularly fond of the hanging bottle images. They glisten. The last image of people is really nice too. I like how you layered the space with the seats and the intensity of color. And of course Edgar is uniquely wonderful. Being three of him!