Monday, February 1, 2010

February 2010 Challenge

"Signs of Spring"

First Gray Whale of the season! A sure sign of spring. Nice one, Sherryl!
 And the binoculars that spied them, we presume.

Spring planting at Lisbeth's house.
Lisbeth visits the Skagit Valley daffodil fields.
Tulips popping up at Lisbeth's in February! That girl sure likes her flowers.
Rocky smashes the first signs of spring while Sue sketches them. What a galoot.

Pieris Japonica in flower. The bees love 'em in Sue's garden.
Man, was Sue stressed out that day, she labeled her hellebores "hydrangeas."

And Kris Wiltse's Hellebore plant was broken by playing dogs, so she brought them indoors for a couple of  little sketches.

And of course she had to get in the lovely blooming Plums as one enters Langley.

Clearly Spring has sprung on our beautiful island!

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