Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spring Fever at Bayview Farm and Garden

Just what this sketcher needed - a couple of hours surrounded by beautiful, colorful plants.  Thanks to the staff of Bayview Farm and Garden who welcomed us, encouraged us, and let us soak up the lovely surroundings. 

Color everywhere!  It was even nice to peek just outside the front door.  Couldn't resist picking up a few primroses to brighten up my winter garden.
But the orchid display was my favorite!  I just had to take one home to my office. 

Tomorrow while working, I'll remember a wonderful morning sketching in Bayview. 
Now, where's my trowel?


  1. Wonderful, happy drawings! Love those colorful little water cans. I hope your orchid lives long and prospers.

  2. These really are wonderful! Done with a light and spontaneous touch. And I see we have a treky in our midst.