Saturday, January 9, 2010

Drinking Wine and Drawing Princesses at Prima Bistro

The Saturday lunch crowd at Prima Bistro. The woman caught me sketching them and leaned over and spoke to the other two. Then they all turned at once and looked at me. I pretended to be looking out the window onto the deck.

A champagne lunch! I wonder what they were celebrating . . .

Today was Kris' birthday and magic was in the air at Prima Bistro this afternoon. We saw two beautiful fairy princesses sitting at a table with a botomless man! Oh, my!


  1. Fantastic! BTW, anytime a sketching venue has champagne, I'm IN.

  2. This was an impromptu birthday lunch after our figure drawing session let out at 1:00. It was so cool - a group with 2 little girls in full princess regalia (including tiaras) sat down across from us. What a gift. Apparently they were on their way to a movie at the Clyde about princesses.