Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adventures at The Goose: The Lady in Red

We started out sketching in the Goose's bakery/cafe . . .

Then I moved to the front where I had a view of the checkout lines and got a good start on a sketch . . .

. . . when I spotted this lady in a great hat and red cape at the checkout counter looking like a character from a spy novel . . . a truly colorful character. Sketcher's panic attack! I had to sketch fast - but I wasn't fast enough. She was picking up her grocery bag and preparing to leave! I made my move . . . I walked over and smiled and asked her to sit for the sketchers. I gotta lotta nerve.

She said yes! She put down her groceries and her purse and picked up a book. The sketchers went nuts!

Thank-you, Ona! You were an incredible model. (This sketch was from a photo Sherryl took - great angle - had to sketch it. Note to self - sit on the floor and look up next time you have a willing model.)


  1. This series is so entertaining! Sue, you certainly captured this charming character.

  2. Absolutely love these Sue. So glad we have a gutsy sketcher to lure such a lovely subject over.

  3. Love these. I'm particularly fond of the checkout stand area, but they're all really great!