Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flowers, Felines & Fungus

Flowers from floor to ceiling at Bayview Nursery.

Lottie, the Bayview Nursery cat curled up with her toy at the checkout counter. Can you spot something unusual about her anatomy?

This guy was getting a consultation about a powdery mildew problem on his prize rhody. Very sad tale.


  1. I LOVE rhody consultation guy. LOVE him!! Plus, LOVE Lottie. I don't see the anatomical problem. Please divulge after everyone else has had a chance to guess. Lottie has never looked so very calm and innocent, I suspect.

  2. These are lovely, as usual, Miss Sue! I see you added just a tad more value to the first image on the planter. And those baggy jeans! I too love rhody guy. Yes, Lottie has two tails!

  3. Yes, I tried to punch it up just a tad without overdoing it. I did ruin another flower sketch from yesterday by adding black ink with the brush pen (as you warned against). I hate the way the light gray washes just disappear online - all the pipes on the ceiling that give the sketch some depth and perspective don't even show up. Still trying to get it right. You are really a britches fan, aren't you? And yes, you win the anatomical error prize. Lottie has two tails and it was not intentional. Just a little bonus from a ditzy sketcher who couldn't remember that she drew that tail already - before Lottie surreptiously moved it - that sneak.

  4. Lighter middle tones tend to get washed out in scans. One way to compensate, I found, is to just allow the white areas some gray.
    Before committing, darken some scrap paper and cut out shapes and place them on the sketch to see what happens.
    Well, Lottie's tail looks like her paw, so it's hard to see. The tails the only part that moves while they sleep, so I figured that's what it was. My Lucy's tail would elevate slowly and hang there.

  5. Yes, that second tail started out as the paw on the back leg. But apparently she had covered it with her tail by the time I was finishing up and I just drew what I saw. Duh. Quite a Faux PAW, wouldn't you say? Oh, I just crack myself up sometimes.

  6. I thought it WAS a paw. This may explain why my hands aren't very good in my sketches!!!