Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eating, Drinking and Sketching at Miriam's

It turns out our scheduled sketch venue, Mosquito Fleet Chili in Coupeville, doesn't open until noon on Wednesdays. So we ended up at Miriam's instead. I really loved sketching there. Great light, great energy, lots of people and lots of interesting architectural details to draw. And of course, great food and coffee, too!

Tried out colored pencils for the first time and was a little tenative with them. I'll experiment more.

I got a bunch of quick sketches of this woman waiting in line and then waiting for her order to come up. Good practice for working fast.

My favorite sketch of the day. It shows the iconic stove and wall sconces that say "Miriam's."  So far, this is my preferred way of working with watercolor: lay down some paint where the big shapes appear to be and then add ink to give definition. And then don't worry if you layed down the color in the wrong places - it just makes for a more interesting sketch. Thanks Kris, for showing me how to do this.

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  1. These are all really wonderful. Love the transparent guy with the stove. Your inspiring me to do quick sketches of people at counters. Great work!