Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Roaming Radish

All week I've been anticipating the next Whidbey Island sketch meet at the Roaming Radish's new digs. They moved locations from the old beach cabin building across from Payless to Holmes Harbor in Freeland, near the golf course. Having eaten there before the move, I knew they had fantastic food. And they still do! I really appreciate the numerous vegan selections. First I had the quinoa salad with lemon tahini dressing. Later I had the bng which is basically a black bean burger topped with dill mayo, lightly pickled beets and greens. It also came with a side of delicious cubed home fries and a spicy chutney-like ketchup. Such a wonderful array of flavors in every bite of both dishes. With all this eating I somehow got in some sketches! Here they are in order of creation...


  1. Stunning. I need a lesson from you!

  2. You're a sweetie! It's I that needs/wants lessons from you!