Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ebey Bowl and Greenbank Grille

Ebey Bowl is a great place to sketch. Everyone was so welcoming and there's an abundance of subjects for picture making pleasure. I could spend an entire day there and still not sketch everything I'd like to.
Of course happy hour sketching entailed so we headed for the Greenbank Grille.
Here's some of my sketches from the day...

Greenbank Grille...

Sherryl and Cynthia

Bar Guy

At the Bar and a couple

Camo Guy


  1. All are delightful. Love your Ebey Bowl sketch. They should buy it from you and frame it!!!

  2. I really like these Kris. It was so great to be sketching with you again.

  3. I love having you back at sketching and getting a chance to learn from you and enjoy your unique work. I especially get a kick out of Cynthia in the top sketch with her signature Cynthia style.

  4. Thanks LIsbeth! I think they should too!!$$ Great to be sketching with you Phyllis, and everyone again. I missed you all! Everyone does amazing work that I learn from too. You're all wonderfully supportive.