Saturday, November 30, 2013

Freeland Cat Cottage

Hardly anyone showed up to sketch kitties at the Freeland Cat Cottage yesterday. Just Sherryl, Pat, Julie and me. Well, the boys showed up but they sat outside in the cold to draw buildings. After a couple of hours of playing with cats and getting nowhere trying to sketch them, this shy kitten finally curled up and fell asleep in his hammock, allowing me to get one creditable sketch to show for the afternoon. These cat hammocks are really cozy. The cats love them.

 This sweet little guy was found alone and abandoned in Coupeville. He was very young and didn't get to spend enough time with his mom and litter mates before being cast out on his own. He will need extra tlc to get socialized. He is unfortunately the only kitten at the Cat Cottage so doesn't have feline playmates.

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