Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ebey Bowl


I finally found a technique I like for sketching! I sketch in pencil first, go over it with a fine point permanent marker, erase extra pencil lines, then add the watercolor. (Thank you Mike Burroughs - or maybe it was Judi Nyerges?)) Now if I could only get looser and not feel I have to put everything in the sketch. This is officially my first watercolor! I've been sketching in pastels until now. Maybe I'll get over of my fear of the brush! Now let's see if this Posts....


  1. Fun and funky. Love the black and white checkerboard floor. The technique must have come from Judi because Mike goes straight to sharpie - no pencil under drawing for him. (I took the liberty of enlarging your image, left justifying the text and adding labels.)