Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pronkin' Pastures Alpaca Ranch

Jessica Rabbit

Once again, our fearless leader Sue found us an absolutely amazing sketching site.  Yesterdays' adventures took us to the fabulous Pronkin' Pastures Alpaca Ranch in Greenbank.  Owners Leanna and Ron welcomed us with the utmost of graciousness and gave us free wanderings among their pastures of cute and happy alpacas.  This image, however, is of Jessica Rabbit, a rescue llama who found her way to her forever home with Leanna and Ron.  She is an amazingly interesting gal.  We were told that she doesn't easily feel comfortable with new folks ... childhood traumas before her rescue ... but my goodness -  Jessica and many of her alpaca friends gathered around us bevy of sketchers.  My imagining is that the quiet contemplation of sketchers engaged in their work was a soothing energy which drew the peaceful animals to hang out among us.  This sketching adventure is the first of several stops at local farms involved in the Whidbey Farm Tour next month (9/21-22).


  1. Wonderful capture of Jessica's toothy smile!

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