Friday, August 30, 2013

Cultus Bay Nursery

The Sketchers scattered around the gardens and among the plants might just have well been beautiful flowers themselves. In the case of the sketchers we were troping toward the shade. And the shade was so gracious, surrounded by such plants and trees! It was hard to focus on any one thing. Who was the fairest of them all? I finally found myself drawn to the area between the little garden house and the sleeping porch, two wonderfully interesting buildings seemingly growing from the land. I really couldn't do them justice, but as usual I had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon doodling amongst the flowers, both human and botanical. 


  1. Wow. These are lovely. I knew they were yours, Phyllis. Wonderful work. You make it look easy!

  2. Thanks Kris. I find sketching soooo relaxing and centering, so I suppose in a way it is easy. I'm glad you like them. I miss you.

  3. This was one of the best afternoons....and your sketches always hit it right on!