Saturday, August 17, 2013

Learn to Sketch with Faye

3-Day Sketching Workshop with Faye Castle 

Sept. 13 - 15, 2013 


Greenbank Farm Trails/Sketch by Faye Castle
Did you know that Whidbey Island Sketchers was born in one of Faye Castle's sketching workshops 4 years ago? Faye is a skilled, nurturing and generous teacher. She inspired us to start this group and we continue to learn from her every time we sketch together. She takes our breath away with her lines and color. Many of us have taken her classes/workshops and give her the highest recommendation as a teacher and a beautiful human being. Now here's the official workshop description:

Pack up your pencils and pens and spend a weekend sketching and exploring some of Whidbey Island's special places with Faye Castle. From picturesque Langley to historic Coupeville, join other sketchers in a visual treasure hunt.

This workshop will encourage lots of simple quick drawings that offer a creative and fun path to strengthen observation and drawing skills.  You will build mastery of the visual language in a way that fits into everyday life, and creates a wonderful record of memories.

Topics covered will include how to organize and simplify materials for easy portability, getting comfortable on location, selecting a subject and freeing up to work more quickly and spontaneously.  Instructor demonstrations will involve recognizing and understanding the descriptive qualities of line, light and dark,  color, and drawing people.

Open to all levels, anyone wanting to get away for a weekend, play and learn in your sketchbook while enjoying a beautiful and friendly environment.

Register at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio

Pronkin' Pastures Alpaca/Sketch by Faye Castle


  1. Boy, would I ever love to do that! Not only for the sketching, but also because Whidbey Island looks so wonderful. But at this time I know it is impossible. But perhaps one day...

    1. Oh, I hope you make it sometime. We'd love to meet you.