Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Fine Feathered Friends

Sorry, every place we've ever sketched in the last four years, Susan's aviary is THE best. My number one favorite place to sketch. No contest. I'm totally smitten, charmed and bedazzled by the birds. I may draw nothing but tropical birds for the rest of my life. And I didn't get pooped on. I consider that a big vote of confidence for my art. Check out some of my colorful new BFFFs:

"Whaterya doin'?" "Drawing your picture." "Whaterya doin'?" "Still drawing your picture." "Whaterya doin'?", etc.


  1. AAaarggh! Can't believe you got that many good sketches done! I was so busy playing with tht birdies that I almost didn't get ANYTHING done. Nice sketches!

  2. Thanks, Judi. I think I did most of them in the last hour after you and most people had left and it got quieter.

  3. Especially when I left as the roaming banana buffet with
    LOUD screaming, squawking "chirps" following me around. I'm with Judi and I did not do ONE sketch!!!

  4. My camera caught many parrots (as my sketchpad :) - and so if anyone would like to sketch from a photo, please feel free to do so, PM me or go to my personal FB page and look at the album. Great work (as usual) Sue!!!