Friday, August 30, 2013

Cultus Bay Nursery

Yesterday it rained so hard, it felt that autumn was quickly descending after such a warm and sunny summer.  Worried sketching today would be dampened by rain & coolness ...  but my goodness it was incredibly warm, sunny and beautiful at Cultus Bay Nursery!  I love wandering around and seeing the beautiful established gardens as well as the generous garden of plants in their pots ready for take-home.  What to sketch? First, I did a quick botanical study of fuschias.

And then I decided to paint a loosey-goosey spontaneous grab-the-sensation-of-the-moment kind of sketch, capturing the feel of the back path along the row of hydrangeas.  This is very different than my normal style, but what fun!  Thank you, Mary, for inviting us to Sketch at your nursery.

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