Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Picnic Sketching

I really enjoyed sketching at the Pedersen family picnic this weekend. 11-year-old Michelle coined a new phrase,"grin cramps".

Michelle did a lovely watercolor sketch in my sketchbook of Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. Now I wish I'd given her a clean page to work on,.

And of course I did a sketch of Michelle sketching! Glad I had an extra sketchbook with me. That's my blue Lamy fountain pen she's using. This is my favorite sketch of the day because it captured the moment and the spirit of the gathering.

LaRae in the colorful lawn chair and Dan in the daisies. I was actually sketching the daisies, but then Dan came along and sat right in the middle of my sketch. I adapted.

Grandpa Roby and his son Robert. I think I see a family resemblance. It's the right hand. Robert, I shaved 20 years off your age and I gave you an extra arm. You're welcome.


  1. These are fun. I like the top one of Michelle - nice and loose. But man, Dan does not look happy! Perhaps it's because he just discovered that Robert has 3 arms. Would give anyone pause.

  2. Thanks! Perhaps Dan should have adopted the family pose of hand-over-mouth. And I think the fact that he is colorless makes him seem a bit grim - Michelle was using my waterbrush at the time, so I had no access to color.

  3. Ha! Lisbeth, you're such a card! Yes these are neat sketches. My fave is the third one of Michelle sketching. You're reaching new highs.

  4. Really? I'm reaching new highs? Ha! How high are you right now? %-) Thanks, though. I don't consider them great sketches, but it was a relaxing day of sketching just for the fun of it. Sketching with kids is really fun for me.

  5. My serious expression was because I had blocked Sue's view of the daisies, and I was feeding a large cloud of mosquitoes. But I had to hold my ground because it was last scrap of shade in a yard that very much needs a tree. Family gatherings are complex. If you had been there for the conversation, you would probably have put your hand over your mouth.

  6. Okay, plateau then. Can't quite put my finger on it. They're more confident I guess.
    And no, I gave that up. Though I might have a little wine later. Nice emoticon.
    Great visual of Dan planted in his spot feeding skeeters. Sounds like your family gatherings might be a good source of entertainment for us on the outside.

  7. The fun really shows, and I especially like the sketches of Michelle. Looks like you inspired a new set of sketcher's eyes starting at a great age!