Monday, July 4, 2011

Prima Bistro then Mo's Portrait Party

My first sketch of the evening is of Prima Bistro as Deja Blooze played some great tunes. I tried to capture the warmth and activity of the place. Next time we'll sit in front of the band.

The backside of one third of Deja Blooze at Prima Bistro

Later Sue and I migrated to Mo's for a little portrait party. First sitter was the charming and delightful Corey of Useless Bay Coffee fame. Turns out he's a sketcher too. A talented young man so we hope to recruit him into WISk.

Corey Sketching at Mo's

Then the amicable and proud James visiting from Tucson. James finds the Island's inhabitants friendly and approachable, much like himself. He was lucky and walked away with a sketch!

James Patiently Posing


  1. I have missed seeing your sketches Kris! You definitely have captured the liveliness of the Bistro, and luck guy to walk away with a sketch!

  2. These are wonderful. Glad to see some of your sketches back on the blog.

  3. Thanks, Faye and Lisbeth! I'm feeling very rusty so it's great to get some sketching in. Looking forward to getting back in the groove and spending time with you all!