Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A day of Sketching on-Island

I saw this vibrant green worm or bug crawling across the road while on a walk. It has four long legs, and shorter ones on each side. I scooped it up with a leaf to take home to sketch while it kept crawling toward my hand holding the leaf. I had to keep a close eye on it while attempting to sketch it. It's a brilliant green with yellow head with red streaks on the side of the head. Don't know if it's a good or bad bug for the environment.

The Oregon Grape has bloomed and now the berries have ripened with hues of blues, purples and greens to attract the wild birds in search for food. I picked this branch, with the one red leaf, off the plant growing on the side of the road. Eventually, some of the other leaves will also turn beautiful colors of red.

Sue, my painting friend, who is a member of Tuesday's painting group, invited us for a plein air painting day in her beautiful flower garden. So I brought my sketching supplies and had a fun day doing quick sketches. This group of colorful plants, Asiatic Lillies, delphiniums, and a hazelnut tree in background created a great composition that I attempted in watercolor.


  1. Very pretty, Lois. I especially like the colors in the Oregon Grape. Lovely.

  2. I always enjoy your nature drawings, Lois. They demonstrate your appreciation for the beauty and the small details.

  3. Thank you, Lisbeth and Sue. Nature is a gift I enjoy and it's fun to sketch with watercolors

  4. Wonderful, vibrant colors! I agree, you can tell you appreciate nature.