Thursday, August 12, 2010

A question of drawing and color

The Sketcher's Symposium was satisfying and interesting in so many ways.
Awesome sketchbooks and a broad range of presenters and styles.
One of the things I always face in sketching is the dominance of line or color.
It can easily become a disturbing competition between the two.
One of the things I want to play more with is this balance. I love drawing, and I am usually initially attracted to color. It's a matter of more experimenting, and choosing.
Definitely line dominant...not too satisfied with this one.
This is an early morning view from our living room, lifting fog. Line dominant ok...
More play, again looking out the window at summer dahlias.
And Truman's scarlet runner beans in our back yard garden.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on sketching and the reminder of the balance between line and color. I always get involved with the painting/color aspect of a composition rather than concentrating on making the sketch light, crisp and more of a journal.

  2. I really love your watercolors!-Danielle