Friday, August 27, 2010

Hit-and-Run Mystery Sketcher at Anderson's General Store

One of the best sketches of the day was done in just a very few minutes by a complete stranger (to us) waiting for the ferry.

To quote our new member, Susan, "This sketching thing is contagious! How great that this guy, waiting for the ferry, just jumped in, asked if he could borrow my sketchbook, and put me to shame? He captured everything with just a few lines. Who was that guy?" Turns out he is Dan Olsen, owner of Olsen Tree Service - on the island for a job.

To capture a scene and gestures with a minimum of line and detail is what we all strive for. Another thing I love about this sketch is that it depicts Tom (again!) and another couple of locals conversing over the fence. Tom is on the outside side of the fence keeping his dog company because the dogs aren't allowed in the food service area. Guemes is a dog paradise and a dog lover's paradise. 

Susan added a little color to the sketch after the mystery sketcher and his friend dashed off to catch the ferry. 

1 comment:

  1. Nice work Mr. Olsen!
    I'm going to start carrying a timer with my sketchbook.