Friday, August 27, 2010

Guemes Island Adventures

The sketchers had a big day of sketching and touring around Guemes Island on Wednesday. We spent most of the day sketching at Anderson's General Store. But then we piled into Tom's truck and headed for the top of Guemes Mountain to see the spectacular 300+ degree view, stopped to see our tour guide's beautiful hand-crafted home at the base of the mountain and took a peek at the all-volunteer Guemes lending library. There wasn't room for all 6 of us in the truck, so a couple of us rode in the truck bed. Great fun.

Good friend, master story teller and local character, Tom Andrak showed us around the island.
Mary Jo (aka, MJ), long suffering wife of you-know-who joined us for happy hour at Anderson General Store when she got finished with her volunteer work at the library.
Hey, it's Tom. Again! Now, officially the most sketched person on Guemes.
Oh, look who it is! Our lovely and talented tour guide, Tom. Again! I'm starting to get tired of looking at this guy!
Sunflowers at Anderson's General Store. Not my best work, but at least it's not Tom!
John, the guy sitting at the next table at the  Rockfish Grill in Anacortes. His wife's comment when I showed them the sketch: "Well, this is a first. "
Susan drives us home after a long day of fun, but hasn't a clue I'm sketching her as we chat.

Thanks for a great day, Tom!


  1. Really enjoying your sketches! Particularly your people. Nicely done. Your sunflowers are wonderful... your best work ever! Love the design, how the umbrella drops into the picture. Fab!

  2. Thanks, Kris. If you had been there, we'd have even better sketches to post!