Thursday, August 26, 2010

Island Hopping: From Whidbey to Guemes

The Whidbey Island Sketchers hopped a 5 minute ferry from Anacortes over to Guemes Island and found a wonderful world of sites (and characters) to sketch.

We started at Anderson's General Store where we all were enthralled by the giant sunflowers.

Then hopped in Tom's truck for his impromptu tour of the island, including Mt. Guemes he and many others helped save from development. 

Betty and I loved his home and couldn't resist sketching petunias from the porch.  Thanks for the tour Tom.  I know we'll be back.


  1. Wonderful sketches! Love the spontaneity of the sunflowers and the graphic qualities of the sketchers with the orange umbrella. It really pops.

  2. Thx Kris! We missed you. I thought of you and your stunning sunflower sketch last week when I was trying my hand at the Guemes sunflowers.