Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guemes Island field trip

This is from Mt Guemes looking toward Mt Baker.
Sue's friend Tom took us to the very top to a nearly 360 degree view, breathtaking!
We started at Anderson's General Store near the ferry landing
with color and sunshine and great food! But the sunflowers eluded me
in my sketchbook......
So I sketched Anacortes from the courtyard.
Tom spent much of the day showing us the beautiful Island, then....sat to be sketched!
Thank you !


  1. Wonderful Faye!! Thanks for sharing the Mt. Guemes photo as well as your delightful sketch of Tom. As you know, I particularly like your sketch of Anacortes from Anderson's Store. Really lovely!

  2. Lovely sketches and photos, Faye. Tom's Portrait in pencil on toned paper is great. Love the textures of pencil and line quality. Really like the Anacortes sketch too.