Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baaaaaack at the Fair

Kris and I set up to sketch at a table in the sheep barn at the fair Friday afternoon. We apparently looked like official 4Hers because we were asked many questions - like, "Do sheep bite?" We were also repeatedly asked to stamp some card that kids were getting stamped at each animal exhibit. It was tempting . . .we had paintbrushes in hand. The sheep barn at dinner time is hysterical. We were squealing with laughter at the all the riotous "Baa!"-ing from every kind of sheep voice. Some of them sounded exactly like people imitating sheep.
Gotland X Sheep at the Island County Fair
Gotland X Ram
Gotland X Sheep at the Fair
Kiddie Rides at the Island County Fair


  1. Great sketches! Love the textures and patterns of the woolies. The kiddie ride image has a wonderfully festive quality. It was an eyeful and you convey that.

  2. Fun! Love the color and energy and who can't resist the cute sheep?

  3. The third sketch is of my sheep! Beautiful! You've really captured their essence.
    Franna Pitt
    Gotland Shepherdess

  4. How cool is that? I love it when people find themselves (or their sheep)on the blog. Your sheep were pretty good models! Much better than the pigs or chickens or most of the other animals at the fair.