Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sea Float Scramble

Yesterday was the Third Annual Seafloat Scramble.  Callahan's Firehouse created and donated 300 beautiful hand blown sea floats and had volunteers hide them "in plain view" at Langley's Seawall Park, as well as in a smaller park for the younger youngsters.  We had a half dozen intrepid sketchers capturing the fun of the morning, including two relative newbies from further up the island.  We Sketchers were allowed in amongst the nests and gently placed baubles whilst the public waited excitedly behind the lines for the 11 a.m. bell.  Then, a mad dash for the sea floats!  What a great time.  What great energy.  Thank you, Callahan, for your generosity.  Afterwards, we Sketchers cozied over fresh French pressed java at Kalakala, sharing sketching secrets. 

A Sea Float over Saratoga Passage

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  1. Wonderful, fresh, spontaneous captures. The reflections on the float and the background to give context are great. I'm sure Callahan was pleased.