Monday, January 12, 2015

Maple Ridge Happy Hour

As we progress through life - getting old, you wonder; what's next?  Deciding to shrink your living space, or move to an Elder Care facility is a really tough decision.  Maple Ridge is a beautiful facility that has a variety of living spaces. I think of Miss Marple and wonder who is the most observant missing nothing and creating mysteries about her neighbors, who complains the most, or eats all the food.  I bet the staff could write a book....
I seem to sketch people without wrinkles, like Audrey and Dottie, but the side view done with just ink seems to show the real persons age.   Audrey seems to enjoy everyone and sees each day as another adventure; Dottie is confused but still her strong determined self.
Spencer has a head with character!  I'd love to know more about his life.  Women always fall for the cute guy, who inevitably turns out to be roly poly in his old age.  Spencer makes me think Vladimir Horowitz (famous pianist); he has strong features that probably looked awkward when he was young but gives him character now that he is old.  Yack, Yack.  I guess I would be Miss Marple! Always curious.  Pat

Audrey K. 93

Dottie 89

Guy with walker & Spencer

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