Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maple Ridge

Sketching at Maple Ridge is always a wonderful experience. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. I adore it all - the characters, the laughter, the stories, the reactions to our sketches, the happy hour with live music. Thank you, Maple Ridge. We must go more often.

The irrepressible Dottie shares her thought on art.
In the lobby
Audrey, I didn't do you justice - those cheekbones!
Millie, originally from Manhattan, Kansas.
 She was an English teacher, but wanted to be a
journalist. Just wasn't an option for women in
 those days.

Jim was so elegant, mannerly and friendly. And an excellent model. He used to be an engineer.

Danny Ward on sax. His mom used to live at Maple Ridge.
Danny Ward was the entertainment at the Friday
 afternoon social hour this week.

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