Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bottoms Up

You take your shoes off at Enso House and choose a pair of slippers from the dozens available at the door. This sketch was all about the fluffy warm booties. After one false start, I started from the bottom and sketched up so I wouldn't cut the slippers out of the sketch.

Happy hour was at China City where water and wine were hurled about at the sketchers' table and hilarity ensued. Got one quick sketch of a Big Guy from behind.
I would love to post my Enso House sketch, but my other sketchbook (and Lamy pen) has gone missing. Last seen on a chair by the entry door. Enso House staff didn't find it, China City doesn't have it. Not in my bag. Not in my car. Crossing my fingers it will show up somewhere . . .

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  1. Recording the world, you do it so well! I always like your choices of subject!