Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maple Ridge

Thank you, Maple Ridge, for inviting us to your Friday afternoon of visiting residents, listening to live saxophone music, enjoying beverages, and hanging out with fellow sketchers in such a love-filled place.  Everybody was uber welcoming and friendly.  Thank you, Helen, for allowing me to sketch you, for leaving your beautiful red glasses on, and for our delightful chat about your life and travels.   I also enjoyed visiting your apartment and seeing the pencil sketch done of you in Paris!!!!  What a delightful treat to meet you.

Oh, and Danny Ward!  What joy your beautiful smooth sax numbers brought to the afternoon.  It added so much significance for you to share with us that your Mom had lived at Maple Ridge.  My condolences on her recent passing.  Love and hats off to you both.

This was my second sketching visit to Maple Ridge and I can't wait for the next time.  Very heart warming.


  1. Fantastic, Barb. I love both of these. And I'm struck by how much the sketch of Helen looks like Betty Rayle in her later life.

  2. Great sketches Barb! This is a special gift of yours.

  3. Yes on the Betty likeness. Just the right information, !

  4. Wonderful sketches! Particularly like the one of Helen.