Friday, February 22, 2013

Homage to our Honolulu Hostess

Cathy's hospitality in Honolulu blew us away! We felt very pampered and fortunate. I loved sketching Cathy  in all her beautiful, fun, colorful Hawaii clothing, especially the red polka dot apron.
Cathy searing ahi
Cathy working at kitchen counter

Sherryl watching as Cathy prepares something fabulous for dinner

Cathy painting in kimono
Cathy's table
Cathy's painting desk with view of windstorm outside

Cathy on our last night, finally sitting down.
Cathy with turquoise ink


  1. I love the purple ink with the orange and red color.

    Cathy in turquoise ink is the best person sketch I've seen you do. Nice one.

  2. Thanks, Sue, for making me look so good! It was great fun having you both! I love the sketch of my messy painting desk-----and the wind-whipped palms out the window. The tradewinds have really been ridiculous this month.

  3. I could handle a windstorm in hawaii. I love that one.

  4. Great sketches. I could handle a windstorm in Hawaii. That's my fave.