Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aloha from Arthur's Leis

Cathy and I had a lot of time on our hands while we waited for Sherryl's much delayed flight from the Big Island to arrive, so we sketched at the airport lei stands.  Cathy gets her leis at Arthur's because they have Plumeria leis, which are apparently hard to come by this time of year. Susan and Marie were very friendly and gracious as  I sat and sketched them making leis all afternoon.

Susan working on a lei

Valentine's Day roses and Marie making leis

Marie and Susan
Here's a little lei trivia. Do you know the busiest time of year for selling leis? Mother's Day. And who buys the most leis on Mother's Day? Samoans. They really take good care of their mothers. Just one of the things I learned while sketching at Arthur's Leis.

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  1. This looks much more calming than skydiving. What a peacefull afternoon.