Monday, February 25, 2013

People of Interest

People who caught my eye during my recent Hawaiian sketching holiday.

At the gate:

 On the plane:

Pretty Boy 1
Pretty Boy 2

Blonde Curls

Tattooed Glamor Girl
During my pedicure at Smiley Nails:

During Sherryl's psychic reading:

Out and about:

Jamal (in dreadlocks)
Sunbather Beach 69

Bow tie girl at Brasserie du Vin in China Town

Shirtless old guy blowing a conch horn
Fit European in China Town

Waitress - Ken's House of Pancakes

Park Ranger Phyllis

Real Hawaiin (or Samoan?) dad
Thang French Coffee and Smoothies


  1. You are so good at capturing the essence and posture with just a few lines. These bring back many fond memories of your visit. Give us more!

  2. Love them all Sue.....but my favorite is the blond at the gate.

  3. Thanks, ladies. The blonde at the gate was a baby with a Binkie in her mouth. Not sure if that registered.