Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Play That Funky Music White Boy

Who knew you could have so much fun in Langley? Three sketchers hit the town on Halloween looking for something scary to draw and stumbled upon a fabulous party at Ott & Murphy's Wine Bar. Tim Donovan rocked the house. At one point I noticed someone across the room sketching us as we were sketching them -an off-island sketcher. 

Tim Donovan

David Ossman, etal at Ott & Murphy's

Tim Donovan performing at Ott & Murphy's
Sketcher gone wild

Halloween at Mo's, where things were much tamer.


  1. WI Sketchers are welcome at Ott & Murphy Wines anytime. You were one of the best parts of that evening for sure. The sketches here are so good! A Cabaret should include all the arts and artists in town!
    Ott & Murphy Wines

  2. Hey, thanks Diane! We had SO much fun that night. I think a couple of us will be back tomorrow night.