Sunday, August 28, 2011

Watercolor Sketching on Orcas Island

Just back from Orcas Island where I took a Plein Air Watercolor Sketching class taught by Caroline Buchanon.  Went with several Anacortes Sketchers.  We sure enjoyed our 4 days at "Paint Camp".  Here are some results of the techniques we studied.
practicing perspective on a barn downhill

negative painting of East Sound

shadow painting at Lieber Haven

contour painting of a hanging basket at Orcas Hotel

and just a good ol' sketch of a classmate


  1. Lisbeth: These are wonderful. Your sketches show that you were enjoying your four days of sketching and had lots of time to observe your subjects. I love the simplicity and clarity of the woman sketching in the chair.

  2. Wow, Lisbeth, you really did your homework. Beautiful work.

  3. Thanks Lois and Dan. I learned SO much over the 4 days. Enjoying now practicing all the new techniques.

    Thx for your comments.