Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evening Concert at Whidbey Island Winery

I had the great fortune of hearing Levi Burkle (guitar) and James Hinkley (cello) play at Whidbey Island Winery. They sure make beautiful music as a duo. As well as independently. They're both great musicians. And the Winery's setting made it even more heavenly. Grape vines, tree canopies, grassy lawns and people picnicking, each with a glass of wine, all made for some good sketch subjects. Here's a few...

Waiting for the concert.

James and Levi

Sketched with eyes closed.


  1. What a fun relaxing evening. Thanks for sharing it with your lovely sketches

  2. So nice. I particularly love your intense colors on the top one. You inspire me to get more bold!!!

  3. Kris, these are enchanting! I feel the evening.

  4. These are great, thanks for coming to listen to us perform!!

  5. Thanks all! It's nice to hear the mood was conveyed. Great music, Levi! Wonderful to hear it in that lovely setting. It was enchanting!