Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sketching Some Suspicious Characters

Mob hit man or Land Trust board member?
Another scary-looking character, making a Unibomber fashion statement.
Marmalade (Looks innocent, but he hissed at me.)

The company was a little dicey, but the wine was good, the view great!


  1. Those are some shady characters you hang with. Good sketch material. Great sketches. Love the bottles and Marmalade. Paul too. That other gal, I don't know. Four eyebrows?

  2. Love your interpretation of unique characters! The cat is my favorite, looking like it's content with the suspicious characters.

  3. I've long been afraid of Paul and Kris. Cats, too.

  4. @Kris - Just be grateful I gave you an even number of eyebrows. Might give you 3 or just 1 next time.

    Thanks, Lois. It's my favorite kind of sketching. Sitting around a table with friends.