Sunday, February 13, 2011

Santoor and Tabla Drums

It was a delight listening to Rags played by Anjali Joshi, on santoor, and Ravi Albright, on tabla drums at Music for the Eyes. This was music for the soul. As they played and I sketched, I found myself floating, feeling it around and within. Time evaporated. The Santoor means 100 strings and is basically an Indian dulcimer. Each set of strings twist and overlap in the center, so each side, right and left, have different notes. One lovely melody they played is common to Bollywood movies. I'm reinstating my netflix to rent some just for the music alone. And without a doubt, they're also visually rich. Here are a couple of my sketches. I tried to capture the fluid gestures of Ravi's fingers and hands as they tapped the drums. The experience was entirely beautiful.


  1. It looks like Joanne and I missed out on a wonderful evening! Beautiful work....both you and Sue. Great having dinner with you. Hasta la vista!

  2. Sue, I think you're my biggest fan. Thanks!
    Phyllis, so nice having dinner with you and Joanne. Thanks for joining us! And for your compliment!

  3. Nice detail with simple lines. Lovely.