Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mystery Weekend at Studio 106 - Day 1

It was snowing, icy, cold, real cold. Road conditions were bad. Sidewalk conditions were bad. But the mystery solvers were out in force searching for clues.  And the REAL women of Whidbey Island Sketchers rose to the challenge and made it down to open Studio 106 yesterday. (That would be Sherryl, Diana, Wired Wilma, Hula Fish and me.)
Hula Fish likes Phyllis' book, "Sea Stories"

Special thanks to Paul G. for bringing us hot soup!

The pink azalea is still lookin' good!
Hope to see the rest of you sissies today!


  1. Hey! How fun to see Studio 106 in sketch form!! Good job you all!! I'm thinking of you. Really. Even though I am warm and in my swim suit.

  2. I love this sketch of the table and flowers, Sue. Enjoyed sketching with you yesterday. Where are all of you sketching wimps?