Thursday, February 24, 2011

Braeburn, and a Hula Fish?

The curry chicken sandwich and salad at the Braeburn in Langley was delicious. Did this sketch pretty fast knowing they were closing at 3.

Sherryl was kind enough to invite us over for snacks and wine afterward. She's particularly fond of her hula fish which she set in the middle of her dining room table for us to sketch. It's one of those hula girls, but a fish head with large lips, sparkles and a grass skirt. A colorful character!

Then I got in a sketch of Sue sketching the hula fish.


  1. You've got a great talent, Ms. Wiltse. I just love your sketches here. And I'm mightily impressed with your sketch of a very focused Sue Van Etten working on her sketch of the hula fish. You've captured Sue beautifully!

    Richard (a friend of Sue's)
    Miami, FL

  2. These are so pretty, Kris. I particularly like the one of the tabletop. On the last one, I could not help but notice that Sue is within particularly easy reach of the wine.

  3. These are real blockbuster sketches,Kris. I can't get enough of that hula fish.

  4. Kris, you made our little restaurant look so alive with such delightful color! Love all the sketches you're all posting, thanks so much for coming in!!