Monday, February 28, 2011

"MYSTERY" Fun at Studio 106

The little Red Shed outside Studio 106 on the alley.

Sherryl in her Giant Pink Hat
The Major Paynes'
So I got brave and joined the REAL WOMEN, women made of tough stuff (like Wired Wilma) and drove out through what was left of the cold and snow (not much of it by Sunday), to sketch downtown during Mystery Weekend.  Phyllis Ray left us her FABULOUS cozy dream studio to use while she hid out in Mexico.   It was quite sublime - Sherryl posed, as did some of the "cast members" and I was totally taken by the little red shed out front.


  1. Charming a heck, Judy! You really captured a likeness of Sherryl. Really wonderful sketches.

  2. Great sketches all, Judi! The one of Sherryl is especially fabulous. I really like the way you're using line in your sketches now.