Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buenos tardes from Casa Amanecer

My sketch a day program is going along swimmingly. Here are two sketches from La Bouquita Beach and one from our living room. I really like the very simple little sketch in the middle of a fruit vendor. I had just a minute or two to capture them before they moved. The first sketch is of the inflatable beach toy vendor. I love seeing those toys going down the beach. The flower sketch helped to settle me into myself after a day of a great many people being in and out all day.


  1. These are fun and beautiful

  2. Thanks for the beautiful sketches, Phyllis. Have you had any dusty chicken yet? We are enjoying a bit of a winter wonderland here. I hope someone sketches it!

  3. Yes, Sue, dusty chicken a couple of days ago. Arrachera fajitas tonight (home made), ribs last night with the world's biggest margarita. OMG. The beach today. More sketches to come.