Monday, November 15, 2010

Only Two More Weeks for The Edgecliff

Tim, co-owner of The Edgecliff
We just learned a few days ago that the Edgecliff is closing November 28. It's very sad news for many reasons. But one of the reasons we'll miss the Edgecliff is that it has been a wonderful place to sketch. The owners and staff have always been very tolerant and supportive of our sketching in the bar. We always felt welcome at the Edgecliff. And the abundance of interesting and colorful characters passing through was inspiring.

As a sort of tribute and thank-you, Kris and I did a portrait of the owner and one of the servers, both of whom have always been interested in and supportive of our sketching.We'll miss you. And we'll miss those happy hour burgers. Best deal in town.

The lovely Stephanie, Edgecliff server

Lisa, new owner of The Braeburn
Patron who left before his sketch was complete
This guy got up and left, too!

The Edgecliff Bar

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