Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fun at Mukilteo Coffee

It was an enjoyeable day of sketching with my comrades at Mukilteo Coffee and the Edgecliff. So much fun and great conversation I hardly got anything done. But heck, everyone has been busy with work or on fabulous trips, there was much to catch up on. Stay tuned for Sue's sketches from Belgium! Here's my blah ones....

Lisbeth and customers at the Edgecliff.

My reflection in the window.


  1. These are all swell. I especially like the way you handled the reflection in the pot in the first one. The one with Lisbeth and the customers at Edgecliff is just an iconic WISk happy hour sketch. Love it.

  2. I couldn't wait to see the coffee pot. It's great. Really like the Edgcliff sketches too. They both reflect fun times with WISk.

  3. Gosh gee, thanks you two. I kinda like the first one also. The pressure to get it finished resulted in a more fresh and colorful approach.