Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting Lippy

Kris finally had had enough of my drawings of her with clown lips. So yesterday she gave me a short lesson in drawing mouths. And voila! 15 minutes later I completed my first creditable drawing of Kris. This is the first drawing of Kris that I'm not embarrassed to post. What a good teacher! I should write a testimonial for her website. I could even provide a ton of scary "before lip lesson" images. Exhibits A and B

So, hopefully, my mouth-fearing days  are over. Onward to the next challenge! (Drawing a face with just watercolor only - no inkline)


  1. wish my own lips looked as good as your newly learned sketches.

  2. I want to learn lips too! They are beautiful and Kris looks like Kris!

  3. Thanks, Lois and Pat. But just to be clear - the beautifully rendered lips at the top of the page are Kris' demos (her drawings of my lips) - not my drawings. Maybe we can get her to do a lip lesson for the group sometime.