Monday, November 8, 2010

Belgium Trip

Finally got some sketches uploaded from my recent trip to Belgium. As you can see, this trip was all about eating, drinking and the wonderful people I met along the way. Here are some of my favorites.

Dinner at Bleu de Tois, Brussels

Jef at the table where we spent many happy hours

Baby Juste on the table at the waffle party on All Saints Day

Karen & Juste at the waffle party

A la Morte Subite, in Brussels, where we stopped for a beer, a snack and a sketch

Eating, drinking, talking, laughing, sketching with friends around Jef's welcoming table

Jef at home

Out Jef's window, Leuven
Karen & Juste at Jef's
Dining at 'T Zwart Schaap, Leuven

All Saints Day/Waffle Party

Emily, a would-be brewer from Republic,WA we met on the tour and subsequent feast at Brasserie a Vapeur
Brasserie a Vapeur, the last remaining steam-powered brewery in the world


  1. You're truly an Urban Sketcher. Cool sketches!

  2. Interesting sketches of your adventure in Brussels. They truly tell how much fun you had. What a coincidence to meet someone on the tour from Republic, Wa.

  3. Cool collection of urban sketches. Looks like you had quite a lot of fun!